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Friday, 19 February 2010

Oh is it over yet?

Its been a pretty hectics few weeks..not sure if hectic is the right word for a run of bad luck?

It all started with the laptop charger breaking on the very first day of my online course for the CCNA exam, not a good start but never mind its early days. So I ordered a charger from Ebay £6 what a bargain!! took a fair few days to come as I ordered on a friday but hey ho, it arrived and all was great made plans to get caught up and continue with the SHAK website redesign.

I got 2 days out of my laptop before the hdd failed, and its unrepairable!!! great so a t the moment I have a lend of a laptop from family, just as well. I was also going to redo all of the photos in my folksy shop but thats on hold too.
Ive spent the last week and a half desperately trying to get caught up with study while I was off work with Swine Flu....lucky me, I'm still trying to get caught up another 2 weeks should do it hopefully. Any way Ive lost everything from the laptop luckily I had emiled the website design so I have that...phew that was lucky Ive put alot of work into it!

The most annoying thing ever is that the laptop was literally just out of guarantee!!!!! and only 1yr old..grrrrrrrrrrrrr

I have an old tower that is being repaired as we speak and that should see me through until I ve saved up enough money to get my dream laptop.

Moan over and feel much better for venting....................Thanks x

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