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Monday, 29 August 2011

Long awaited update

Hi all , apologies for I have been neglecting my blog.
The past couple of years have been filed under 'Makes you stronger' they have been troublesome to say the least. Anyway enough of all that and time to get on with being stronger and getting back on track!

An update from an earlier post - I have now took part in the Race for Life for the past 2 years running and plan to run again next year. It always brings me to tears viewing a sea of pink ladies all prepared (or not as the case may be) to run, smile chat and cry for 5k in aid to raise funds or just to remember those they've lost along lifes path to the awful disease that is cancer.
Pic from July 2010 Race for Life in Newcastle Exhibition Park.

This year my daughter decided not to run with me and the other ladies and watched on the sidelines with the many husbands, other halfs and children all shouting things like 'well done girls!!', 'come on ladies, not far now' 'nearly there!!' of course even though your legs feel like they no longer belong to you and your thinking 'why am I doing this again?' and 'god, I'm so unfit' you smile and carry on praying that you can make it to the finish line before your legs fall off and your heart gives up. All worth the momentary pain and suffering and nothing compared to the truth of living with cancer.

July 10th 2011 this time on the Town Moor in Newcastle. This is myself (left) and my good friend Malvina.
Here's to next year girls!!

Well after moving house, getting a new job and completing my studies I've not had time to indulge in my passion for all things polymer clay, but I do have some new pictures for you from when I did. (hoping that I get to indulge in the near future).

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