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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Heres to 2010!!

This year is going to be great! I can feel it, and probably my busiest so far.

I am signing up for 'The Race for Life' - Among all of the usual worthy reasons to do with family and so on I myself found a lump in my breast around the same time as my 30th birthday!! so off I popped to the docs (expecting to be told its a cyst or fatty tissue) the doctor then found lumps in my other breast and referred me to the hospital of my choice for a biopsy.

As you may well suspect I fell apart, my mind played games and my thoughts just ran away with my emotions, I cried at the Chelsea Flower show on tv just thinking that I happen to like flowers..alot!..and my enjoyment of such things could be taken away if the worst was to happen, feeling this way about flowers was one thing but when I looked at my chidrens faces everyday and remembering all the times we shared just left me sobbing with a feeling of angels banging inside my chest. You really do realise all that is good in life even when things seem soo wrong.

In my quest for more information I stumbled upon the Breast Cancer Care Forums where I read post after post about women who have BC, daughters whos' mums have BC and soul after soul whos life is affected by breast cancer in one way or another. I cried at many of the conversations that were happening not just because of the destruction that BC can cause but because of the kindness and support of the women involved all taking time to comfort, reassure and inform the people who needed it. I only ever posted once and that was to say a massive thank you as they helped me more than they'll ever know.

It's my time to say thanks again and raise some money for a very worthy day you may need their support, but lets hope that never happens!!

I also stumbled across a blog about an amazing woman with an equally amazing personality and her fight against BC. She tells it like it is, how it was and how its going to be!!

I am one of the lucky ones and all was good.x

I've said soo much and still have more to say.....not unusual for me at all...hahaha

I also have 2 courses this year, 1 to become Cisco certified and another that is the second half of my web design course, Ive opened my online shops and I also work luckily just part time. Oh yes and I need to fit in training somewhere, Im a size 18 and unfit as can be!!! training is going to be funny for those who are running with me!!


  1. Hi Mands
    Have been meaning to enter this race for a few years now. Read your blog and entered straight away. I will raise money in memory of my Mum who died of lung and liver cancer and my father in law who died of bone cancer. Thanks for giving me the final push to do something.

    Alison x

  2. Your very welcome xxx Im pleased that I could give you that little bit of inspiration :-). It seems we've all lost people close to us due to cancer. Good luck with your training and let me know how you get on! x

  3. Good for you doing the race for life! Such a worthy cause!