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Sunday, 17 January 2010

A little hello

Hi I'm Mands

Mands by name mad by nature! as some would say.

This is my first ever blog....yes I'm a virgin blogger!! can you believe, still a virgin at 30?

I love being creative and have done all of my life. It started with sketching in my younger years and has some how progressed on to jewellery making and polymer clay (or playing with putty as my other half puts it).

hmmmm not sure how it progressed that way but I'm enjoying it all the same anyway.

I suppose .....ha....... I know I'm still figuring this clay business out, I love looking at other people creations and most of the time I'm thinking ' wow how have they done that? ' and then spending weeks figuring it out!!!

Ive just opened up on where youll find most of my latest creations.

I'll be posting pictures and hopefully some tutorials (if you see something and would like to know how to make it just let me know).

Well thats it for now I have putty to play with.


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