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Monday, 18 January 2010

Busy busy

Well after seeing everyones gorgeous valentines items on I thought that I had better pull my finger out and get busy!!!

I lay awake last night with idea after idea floating around behind my eyes...why does inspiration always come to me when its time to sleep?? anyway I finally decided on making some hearts and decorating them with extruded clay in various shades of red, pinks and purples, a little bit of pearl snook in there too.

I am very happy with how they turned out 
I also had a fair amount to do a bangle with :p and WOW I just love it, I'll definately make more in other colours.

 With the clay I had left I made a few beads - I've sanded and buffed my little heart out tonight......I'm now suffering with odd nails and sore fingers .........pah! it was all worth it.

So results for today;
1 bangle
1 Sterling charm bracelet
3 pendants
9 beads

I'm off for a well deserved cuppa and hopefully a good nights sleep before work tomorrow, night all x.



  1. They're all lovely, but WOW that charm bracelet is lush :)

  2. Thanks, lots of beads on it, rose quartz, swarovski, glass and lamp work.

  3. They are lovely, my favourite colours!Will visit your shop....

  4. Your bangles are beautiful, I have used polymer clay but never to this effect.

    You say in your post you sand them , I did not know you could do this???.

  5. Ooh I especially love your beads - they are fab!


  6. Well deserved indeed! These look lovely.

  7. Hi thanks everyone, Gina yes I sand them with wet and dry sand paper, I usually start with a medium grain and get finer...the better you sand the easier the buffing to a shine is!! wet sanding is usually best.

    Thank you all for your kind comments x

  8. I love your hearts, they're a gorgeous colour. I get my ideas when I've settled down for bed (or when I'm ironing - which isn't that often!!). Elaine, Ellie's Treasures

  9. Thanks Elaine, Ive not had time to finish them yet and after looking into my new course schedule and realising just how many exams I have to sit Im going to have to manage my time really well if I want to 'play with my putty!!'